We are a widely experienced and innovative fitness team that combines training and recovery under one umbrella across all active age groups.
We understand your specific needs – you will embrace a highly individualized program to catapult your athletic performance.
We treat pain and injury for all – from novices to professional athletes, so that they are not hindered in practice and performance.


Prior to designing a fitness program, each athlete goes through a series of scientific assessments in the areas of mobility, stability, flexibility, speed, agility, strength and balance. Videography is utilized to aid in reviewing and fine-tuning the fitness program. The data gathered is then reviewed by our professionals. Thus, optimal results are assured for each athlete.

Sport Specific Fitness

Our approach takes into account the specific sport of interest for the trainee, and ensures enhancement of fitness through a custom-designed program.

Strength And Conditioning

Our approach recognizes the need to develop all the muscles to enhance all-round athletic performance, and includes strengthening and muscle conditioning routines accordingly.

Mobility, Stability, Flexibility And Agility

Movement skills are enhanced through our programs, which include speed, balance and agility, along with flexibility needed to undertake sport activities with utmost confidence and grace. .

Sports Massage / Recovery

Our training program includes massage and recovery after each training session, so that muscle soreness is alleviated after workout.

Sports Rehabilitation And Injury Prevention

We work with you to take care of the physical rehabilitation that you may need after intense sports activities, and the steps you would need to take, to prevent injuries.

Special Kid Fitness Program.

Startline has designed a new program for special kids. Kids with Autism. It is always thought that autism mostly affects social skills and the ability to communicate, but it can have implications on physical health and activity too. Aversion to food can lead to gaining of weight, and sensitivity to environmental stimuli, for example light and noise, which can sometimes make it difficult to participate in sports and fitness. But matching a child on the autism spectrum exercise he/she enjoys can offer important benefits.

The program is carefully structured and planned for kids with Autism. This program engages the participants to have fun while they are getting fit and active.

Our boutique of Services

Professional Athletes

For you, the professional athlete, the driving force of your passion meets our vast experience with results par excellence. Our state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable coaches partner with you to develop an intelligent system that fits you and your evolving needs, with consistent and spectacular results.
Athletic excellence can be achieved with our team, motivating you to persevere and unleash your hidden potentials!

School And College Athletes

We at ESL offer both group and individual training sessions customized to your needs, for various age groups – from kindergarten to college.
Our expert coaches take care of the physical health of each individual holistically, while developing training models to suit your every need.
Empowerment enabled by precision training, and individual attention to each aspiring athlete.
We begin with personal assessment, and then move on to strength and speed training, incorporated with agility, endurance, balance and more.

Amateur Athletes

We at ESL develop amateur athletes to successively higher levels at our training centre. You are rest assured that our expert coaches employ a holistic approach of sports science and common sense.
Empowerment enabled by precision training, and individual attention to each amateur athlete.
We begin with personal assessment, and then move on to strength and speed training, incorporated with agility, endurance, balance and more.

Athletes Forever

We at ESL understand your special needs – you want lasting benefits for your workouts. You want your workout routines designed to improve endurance, stamina and strength.
We work with you to make this happen. Especially for you, we develop a comprehensive program that meets your individualized and evolving performance goals.
Our fitness training at ESL, with experts in physical training and sports medicine will enhance and enrich your day-to-day life.

Our Training

Movement Skill And Technique

Speed, Balance And Agility

Rest And Recovery


Strength and conditioning

Flexibility training

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