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We started our operations in the year 2013, as a training centre for athletes. We had the vision of offering a complete range of fitness solutions to athletes of all age groups and backgrounds. Thus, we aspire to enable Total Fitness to one and all (trademark) seeking to achieve the best in work, sport and hobby, through better body building, posture, balance and relaxation.

Our individual / group programs are custom-designed for you or your group/team and targeted to enhance your or your team’s chosen athletic performance while preventing injury. You and your team will be poised to perform beyond your expectations in your sport. However, we are not satisfied with excellence in performance alone. We work with you to go beyond performance and set new bench marks in all of your athletic areas of interest and overall physical well-being.

Our Team

Vinod Kumar is a highly versatile and experienced fitness expert, with a keen understanding of the workings of skeletal and muscular systems of the human body, placing him among the very best of physical and sports fitness trainers in India. He has worked with national and international sports personalities and Olympians, such as Mr. Prakash Padukone in his badminton academy for several years. He was a consultant with the Bangalore Turf Club Jockey association where he introduced total fitness solution with the 360 degree approach toward fitness, diet, rehabs and recovery. Later, he was associated with Touché Golf School for its junior program and elite development program.

He graduated from Bangalore University with credentials from and association with Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level1 and level2, Professional Golf Fitness Association (PGFA), Golf Professional Associate (GPA), International Sports Science Association (ISSA), and qualified as Specialist In Sports Conditioning (SSC), Strength and Conditioning Coach (SSC), Master Trainer, and Exerciser Therapist. Numerous times he had given lectures at ISSA.
His Motto: Be fit in both Life and Sport, and enjoy both to the fullest – Life is a Sport!

Raji’s versatile experience in several vocations as a marketing executive, home maker, parent, teacher, dancer, and choreographer have created a rich background to understand, enable and organize important events both in personal and professional lives of current times. She organized several exercise and dancercise boot camps; developed programs for kids with special needs; held team building events in the corporate environment through fitness sessions.

Raji holds a Master’s degree in English and an MBA. She was an executive in the Marketing Dept of ‘The Times of India’ prior to her move to US with her husband. Her interests include dancing and choreography, and she has extensively performed on stage in US and India. Her teaching experience includes stints in US and India as well, which added to her broad exposure to varied cultures and social groups. She is also experienced in soft-skills training, in the areas of communication and client interaction, which is part of her responsibility at StartLine.

Her motto: “Love yourself enough to take full care of YOUR BODY”.

She loves rhythmic movements, be it dance, workouts or a mix of both!

If Raji isn’t in the gym you can find her cooking healthy food, or reading a book or chatting with friends, or playing with her pets.

Kumar is a highly experienced physical therapist with expertise in pathophysiology of pain, who can plan and assist with remedial exercises, and do’s and don’ts, based on scientific understanding. He has 10 years of experience and additional education in manual therapy, neuromuscular training, orthopedics and sports specific rehabilitation.

His plan includes the stability of muscles surrounding the affected area, so that their impact overall is reduced. In order to balance your posture from top to bottom, he works differently on muscles that work against gravity and muscles assisted by gravity. He is experienced in treating several types of pain, such as shoulder, ankle and cervical problems. Ankle injuries will be treated, with specific attention to calf tightness, flat foot, and uneven weight transfers. Cervical problems will be treated with attention to posture maintenance (sitting, standing and working), repetitive motion injuries and muscular weakness.

Jackson has been a physiotherapist since the past 9 years and is considered by many golf industry professionals to be an expert in golf fitness. Jackson done his bachelor science in physiotherapy from H.O.S.M.A.T College of physiotherapy in 2009. And in 2013 he received a Post_ Graduation diploma in sport rehabilitation. In 2015 he acquired the level 2 medical professional certification from Titleist performance institute. Also Jackson holds a certification in functional movement system and basic kinesiology taping technique. Jackson done his certification in the k-Vest, which is a great tool to analyze the body mechanics during a golf swing. In 2017 he aquired the level 2 fitness professional certification from tietliest performance institute.

  • Jackson was associated with touche golf from 2012 to 2018 as a sports physiotherapist.
  • Currently working in associated with excel startline as a consultant physiotherapist from March 2018.
  • Dr.Jackson Varghese Jacob PT,PGDSR,FMS,MP,FP. (L31113)
  • Sports physiotherapist
  • Level 2 certified TPI( titeist performance institute)medical professional
  • Level 2 certified TPI(titleist performance institute)Fitness professional

For Ramesh, fitness is passion. He has ten years of work experience in the fitness industry, and has counselled and worked with clients of all ages. He custom-designs exercises and strength/conditioning programmes that enable his clients to achieve dramatic weight loss and adopt healthy lifestyles. He has worked with amateur body builders and elite athletes to achieve fitness goals and recovery.

Energetic and enthusiastic as a fitness instructor, Dhruv, believes that with proper guidance, everyone can be successful in their fitness goals. Most of us want a workout that is not taxing. Some of us don’t like working out, but LOVE to dance. So, Dhruv has taken what he has learned as a dancer and fitness instructor to create a fun, engaging, inclusive and gratifying classes that combines hip-hop, breaking/B-boying dance elements with calesthenics. They are great for newcomers as well as those recovering from injury, or for those just looking for an activity to add a refreshing twist to their fitness regimen.

Dipin is an experienced trainer with over six years of experience and demonstrated capabilities in weight training, for clients of all ages. He creates a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way. He uses both classical and modern techniques such as TRX, circuit and abdominal movements in exercise programs and strength training.

Marian’s style of training incorporates all facets of fitness for young aspiring and also elite athletes, and includes movements and techniques to increase function and mobility, placing emphasis also on recovery, stretching, postural alignment, and tension release. He enjoys working with children and adults alike.

His work has helped tone and shape bodies, empower minds, and increase stamina and vitality to enjoy life in and outside the gym.

Shashank is passionate about fitness, and has been training to help athletes and non-athletes realize their fitness goals. His expertise is in the areas of building strength and conditioning of the body for maximal effectiveness in sports and daily routines. He conducts energetic and safe work outs modified individually to suit clients’ fitness level and medical considerations.

Naveen is a dedicated fitness instructor, seriously committed to personal fitness through customized fitness programmes. He has expertise in several areas such as agility, endurance, strength building, and conditioning. He works with diverse individuals and varies his programmes according to the needs of each client. He trains athletes for quickness, power and speed, which are all vital for their activities. He also guides his clients in safe exercises, taking into account, their individual limitations. His clients include professional athletes, children as well as working men and women of all ages.

Sudarshan is a certified fitness trainer with 3 years of health and wellness training experience and an in-depth understanding of human body, especially the muscular and skeletal systems. He has extensive experience in muscle strengthening and overall weight reduction techniques, helping and guiding clients achieve fitness goals, by creating customized exercises and programs.

Nanda Kumar (PT) studied at ACHARYA COLLEGE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY Having clinical posting experience in Colmbia Asia hospital, Abhaya Hospital, Provision Asia , Acharya OPD, Also does freelancing from 2&half years As a physiotherapist helps patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability, stroke, helps to improve their movements increase the ROM ( range of motion) Helps in releasing the muscle stiffness Treatment program using manual therapy , Mobilization, therapeutic excersie and electrotherapy Done in the certification in Manual therapy foundation of India MUSCLE ENERGY TECHNIQUE ( MET) & MAYO FACIAL RELEASE (MFR) (Reg : 2018M183)

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