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We are a widely experienced and innovative fitness team that combines training and recovery under one umbrella across all active age groups.
We understand your specific needs – you will embrace a highly individualized program to catapult your athletic performance.
We treat pain and injury for all – from novices to professional athletes, so that they are not hindered in practice and performance.


Prior to designing a fitness program, each athlete.Read More

Sport Specific Fitness

Our approach takes into account the specific sport ..Read More

Injury Prevention

We work with you to take care of the physical..Read More

Strength and Conditioning

Our approach recognizes the need to develop all the..Read More

Mobility / Stability / Flexibility

Movement skills are enhanced through our..Read More

Sports Massage / Recovery

Our training program includes massage and..Read More

What are you capable of ?

We started our operations in the year 2013, as a training centre for athletes. We had the vision of offering a complete range of fitness solutions to athletes of all age groups and backgrounds. Thus, we aspire to enable Total Fitness to one and all (trademark) seeking to achieve the best in work, sport and hobby, through better body building, posture, balance and relaxation.

Our Training

Movement skill and technique

Speed, Balance and Agility

Rest and recovery


Strength and conditioning

Flexibility training


Congratulations Rupesh for Winning CS3 U-16 Tennis tournament!

Congratulations Anushka for coming as 3rd runner up! Played 7,5,6..

Congratulations Prakruthi Sastry for securing 2nd position

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